10th Annual Natomas Shootout


The Natomas Shootout is an annual double elimination tournament for 10u and 12u NorCal Girls Softball recreation league teams played the first weekend of May (usually).

It is intended to be fun and to provide an opportunity for all players to experience tournament style play.  Play is governed by NorCal interleague rules.  Awards are given to the top three teams in each division.

It all began in 2010 when the decision was made to host a tournament and we reached out to our neighboring leagues. There was a lot of interest but no real commitment.  Thankfully, Sacramento Girls Softball accepted the challenge and the Shootout was born.  Each league entered three teams per division and on a sunny Saturday two six-team double elimination tournaments were held simultaneously. A total of 21 games were played in one very long day, with each league claiming one of the championships.

The players and coaches must have had a fun time and the word quickly spread.  27 teams entered the 2011 Shootout, representing six leagues, and the Shootout became a full weekend affair.  By 2013, seven leagues were represented and we expanded to two locations for Saturday play. As of the 2018 Shootout (the 9th annual), 180+ teams representing 14 leagues and over 2000 players have participated in the Shootout.

For information, please contact our Shootout event director Adam Foster @ adamfoster@natomasgirlssoftball.org.


to the 2019 Natomas Shootout Winners

         10u Divison                            12u Division

1st Place:    Pocket Stingers              Sacramento Nitro
2nd Place:    Pocket Warriors       Natomas Dream Crushers
3rd Place:    Cordova Invincibles         Pocket Purple Rain
Shootout 11  - Dates TBD
      10u Bracket                             12u Bracket
1. Natomas Lion Pride 1. Natomas Dream Crushers
2. Natomas Sandlot Sisters 2. Natomas Fire
3. Cordova Invincibles 3. Nevada County Thrashers
4. Cordova Xplosion 4. Nevada County Mad Dog
5. Pocket Stingers 5. Pocket Purple Rain
6. Pocket Warriors 6. Sacramento Nitro
7. Nevada County Sonics 7. Placerville Black Widows
8. Sacramento Batitude 8. Placerville Stingers
9. Sacramento Moxie 9. Grant GLOW
10. Placerville Diamond Girls
11. Placerville Hangtown Thunder
10u Bracket (click image to open as a PDF)
12u Bracket (click image to open as a PDF)
Event Vendors
 PPrint Slingers
Previous Results

                            Shootout #10 2019    Shootout #9 2018

               10u                                   12u 10u                                   12u

1st   Pocket Stingers          Sacramento Nitro Cordova Xplosion          Sacramento Legends
2nd  Pocket Warriors Natomas Dream Crushers Sacramento Narwhals    Pocket Cyclones
3rd   Cordova Invincibles Pocket Purple Rain Natomas Vengeance      Sacramento Nitro

                            Shootout #8 2017                                                      Shootout #7 2016              
                10u                                   12u                                  10u      12u                                
1st Sacramento Sparks Sacramento Rage         SacramentoBlackout Sacramento Sapphires
2nd Sacramento Mud Dogs Pocket Nevada County Strikers Natomas Gold Warriors
3rd Sacramento Pink Bombers Cordova Spartans Pocket Tsunami Sunrise Heat

                          Shootout #6 2015                                                        Shootout #5 2014              
                10u                                   12u                                  10u       12u                                
1st Sacramento Blue Jets Sacramento Pink Yankees   RECORDS LOST
2nd Cordova A's Cordova Maroon Devils
3rd Cordova Invincibles Natomas Bomb Squad

                          Shootout #4 2013                                                        Shootout #3 2012              
                10u                                   12u                                  10u       12u                                
1st Woodland Eliminators Consumnes River Wildcats  Natomas Titans
2nd Pocket Storm Sacramneto Rampage RECORDS LOST
3rd Pocket Triple Threat Sunrise Outlaws

                             Shootout #2 2011                                                      Shootout #1 2010              
                10u                                   12u                                  10u       12u                                
1st Natomas Nightmare Pocket Strikers         Natomas Sacramento 
2nd Antelope Purple Thunder Pocket Fury Sacramento Sacramento
3rd Sacramento Lemonheads Natomas Green Hornets Natomas Sacramento

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