Frequently Asked Questions
How do you join NGS?

Registration for NGS is as simple as submitting a registration form and paying the fee at one of our walk-in registration dates for the 2019 Spring Season.  Forms can be downloaded online and they are also available at the walk-in registration.  We also have online registration (new players will still need to show proof of legal name and birthdate with a birth certificate).  Please note that registration for NGS begins in November/December through January and early February, so please don't wait until spring arrives to register, it may be too late.

What is included with the registration fees?

The registration covers liability insurance, uniforms (6U-shirt, shorts & socks 8U-16U-Jersey, socks & visor) and a trophy to be handed out at the end of the season if all fees are paid in full.  8U-16U will need to purchase softball pants in the color which matches the jersey.  Please wait to purchase pants if possible so you can guarantee the correct color. 

What do I need to bring to register my daughter?

If your daughter is new to our league we will need to see a copy of their birth certificates at the time of registration.  Other than that you will only need to bring cash or a debit/credit card to pay the registration fee. Registration fees may now also be paid on our website using Paypal or a credit card.  

What division would my daughter be in?

Girls are placed in a division based upon their 'playing age' - age as of December 31 of the preceeding calendar year.  Our divisions include Tee Ball (6U), 8 and under (8U), 10 and under (10U), 12 and under (12U), 14 and under (14U), 16 and under (16U) 14U & 16U are normally a mixed team in most leagues.  When there are not enough players to form a team for a particular division, players registering for that division will be moved up to the next higher division. 

What if I feel my daughter is good enough to play in an older division? 

It is the parent's choice to move their child up a division BUT they will not be allowed to move back down once the season has begun and the uniforms have been ordered.  

How are the rosters decided?

The NGS board members arrange the girls by division and then also by experience.  We then have a meeting with all coaches and they are allowed to pick 3 girls to be placed on their team (usually this would be the coach's daughter, a pitcher and a catcher).  After each coach picks their 3 players they will take turns picking those players who attended the skills assessments.  Any players not attending the skills assessments go into a blind draw (coaches can not see who they are choosing from). Each coach will take turns picking until each girl has been picked and each team has a full roster.  

Can I get my daughter's best friend on her team?

We now have the Buddy System.  A new player is allowed to buddy up with a returning player or another new player for their first year.  Two returning players are not allowed to buddy up.  

If I have two daughters, will they be placed on the same team?

If your daughters are in the same age division then yes they would be allowed to be put on the same team.  Please let us know at the time of registration.

How do I sign up to be a coach/manager?

At the time of registration please let us know you are interested in being a coach or manager.  We will have you complete a coaches application and you will receive an email to consent to a background check.  The first 3 coaches or volunteers on a team will be paid for by the league.  Any additional volunteers may be required to pay the $20 background check fee.  Once the background check has been cleared we will contact you about the coaches meeting and team draw.  You may also print out the application and bring it with you when you register.  The application can be found on our Forms page.  Coaches/Volunteers are required to submit a new background check each calendar year.

How do I become a sponsor?

You only need to decide which sponsor level fits your business' budget and then you can contact us by email or on our hotline.  Someone will contact you and schedule a time to pick up payment.  You can download our sponsor letter with sponsor levels here on our website under Sponsors/Become a 2019 Sponsor.  

Where and when does the NGS play games?

All NGS home games are played at Smythe Academy K-6 located at 2781 Northgate Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95833.  If we do not register enough girls to make several teams to play each other the entire season we will play other teams from Northern California Girl's Softball Association (NORCAL) which are in the greater sacramento area.  Some of these games could be held at their home fields.   Games are typically held Monday thru Thursday and some Saturdays.    

What equipment will my daughter need?

Your daughter will need a glove and cleats with plastic or rubber spikes.  No metal spikes are allowed.  The league provides each team with bats, helmets and balls to share.  If you would like them to have their own you may purchase these items for them.